February 23rd, 2023 3:24 AM

Well known PUDs in the Fredericksburg, Kerrville and LLano areas are:

Boot Ranch: a luxury residential and golf community located near Fredericksburg
Comanche Trace: a golf and residential community located in Kerrville
Horseshoe Bay Resort: a large resort community located on the shores of Lake LBJ, near Llano
Escondido: a luxury residential and golf community located near Horseshoe Bay, in Llano County.

A Planned Unit Development (PUD) is a type of real estate development that allows for a combination of different land uses, such as residential, commercial, and recreational, within a single project or subdivision. PUDs are typically developed on large parcels of land and are designed to offer a variety of housing options and amenities to residents.

The history of PUDs in the United States dates back to the 1960s and 1970s, when developers began to explore alternative approaches to traditional suburban development. At the time, there was a growing concern about the negative impacts of sprawl and the need to preserve open space and natural resources. PUDs offered a way to create more sustainable and livable communities by incorporating green space, mixed land uses, and walkability.

In terms of market value, a PUD property typically differs from a non-PUD property of the same size in several ways. First, PUDs often offer a wider range of amenities and services than traditional subdivisions, such as parks, community centers, and shopping centers. These amenities can enhance the quality of life for residents and make the property more desirable, which can increase its value.

Second, PUDs often have more flexible zoning regulations than traditional subdivisions, which allows for greater diversity in housing types and styles. This can attract a wider range of buyers and increase demand for the property, which can also increase its value.

Finally, because PUDs are often developed on larger parcels of land and incorporate a variety of land uses, they can offer more opportunities for developers to increase density and build more units than would be allowed in a traditional subdivision. This can lead to a higher overall value for the property.

Overall, while there is no guarantee that a PUD property will be worth more than a non-PUD property of the same size, the combination of amenities, flexible zoning, and potential for increased density can make PUDs a desirable and valuable option for both developers and homebuyers.

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